Welcome to the homepage of 187: where we seperate the men from the boys!

We are a new society looking for those willing to sacrifice their lives for the name 187. We want only the truest most dedicated personel to serve in our army. If you think you have what it takes then join our clan and move up in the ranks and help us take control of what is a hostile violent world and make 187 "the" name to be feared by all who hear it.

Our clan is currently playing RB6 ROGUE SPEAR and URBAN OPERATIONS. We may in the future expand to other Games but as we are a new group we are going to keep things on the D-L for now

As we get the clan off its feet we will also look into creating some 187 Mods and maps as well, if you are familiar with Modding, we are currently looking for someone to spear head this operation, so please Report to Commander 187_Assassin with your ideas and we shall go from there.

if at this point your still interested in signing up click the link below and follow the Instructions and your path toward the darkside will be complete.

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